All I know is my testicles won’t fit in my underwear


Bart! Get those oranges out of there. Back in the lunches you go.

I’ve got another problem

uh, this one’s about my cat

cat problems


Yeah, shut up, I’m asking her!

To professionalism!

mr good employee

God, he eats like a pig

eats like a duck

I dunno, pigs tend to chew. I’d say he eats more like a duck.

Ice cream! Ice cream!

I'm all out of ice cream! It's true you know.

I’m all out of ice cream! It’s true you know.

Chili! Red hot Texas-style chili!

Chili! Red hot Texas-style chili!

And we got ginger ale – boiling hot Texas-style ginger ale!

Ah! It’s gaining on us!

ralph pedaling backwards

I’m pedaling backwards!

More Dogs!

more dogs!

Stay tuned for the Mattel and Mars Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour!

mattel and mars bar quick energy chocobot hour

entertaining mattel products

Major Nougat, Gooey, Cocoa: put down those entertaining Mattel products!

I can’t believe they cancelled us for this stupid -
Shut up! I’m trying to watch this!

Command link severed. Default setting. Crush. Kill. Destroy

Children, he's killing me!



Ah my beloved plant, how I miss her

Bah! To hell with this! Get my razor! Draw a bath!

And get these Kleenex boxes off my feet!

Certainly Sir. And the jars of urine?

Oh, we’ll hang onto those. Now! To the plant! We’ll take the Spruce Moose. Hop in!

But Sir-

I said: Hop in.